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Connect with
Your Highest Self

Let me be your Gateway between where you are now,

& where you have always longed to be.

Activate - Alchemize - Ascend


Experiences to Elevate your Existence

Reiki Hands on Healing

This is a hands-on body treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed & renewed through the Energetic Intention of Love. Reiki can be splashed into other therapies & takes into account the whole person to activate your natural healing as well as physical and emotional state of well-being. I love to observe the shift after the very first session. Experience how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to your health.

Activated Sound Therapy

Through the tenured use of Touch,

Sound & Intention we may embark on a

Journey to Reclaim your Sovereignty.

In a world that aims to dim your light there has never been a better time to Anchor & Tether Your Truest Self

Through Arcane & Ancient Techniques with a Modern Flair together we can

Venture through the Looking Glass to Connect with Your Unique

Soul Purpose & Highest Self.

Life Doula Services

After all we have been through

it's time to return to our roots.

Sacred Events of Birth & Death used to be supported by our Communities with a broad range of practices based on generations of spiritual tradition.

I am one of many breathing these practices back to life, yet I cannot

fulfill my mission without you.

Contact me to learn how I can transition your life in a Safe & Sacred manner.


"First Change the Universe Within Your Self,
Only Then Will You Witness the World Around You Fall into Place."

Natolie Bester CMD CCT LMT 113318

I pledge to Always meet You where You are, & to take You where You need to be, One Step at a Time & Divinely Aligned

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